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What is StructuringDesk?

StructuringDesk is a quantitative B2B structured products platform that provides bespoke structured investment solutions.

How can I use StructuringDesk?

Through StructuringDesk, you can:

  1. Tailor and construct structured products based on various underlying assets quickly and efficiently.
  2. Engage in buying or selling structured investment solutions directly through the platform.
  3. Receive expert support on integrating structured products into your investment portfolio to meet your objectives.

What does bespoke structured solution mean?

All structured products created through StructuringDesk are customized to meet specific investment strategies. This means each product is tailored to offer the desired level of risk and return.

For example: a structured product is designed on StructuringDesk with a principal of $10,000. Upon maturity, the product is structured to return to the investor the principal amount plus any pre-agreed variable return.

For more details on how StructuringDesk’s products are tailored, see FAQ.

Quick Start

  1. Visit
  2. Sign up for an account
  3. Once your account is set up, begin crafting a custom structured product using our sophisticated Product Builder

What Are Structured Products?

Structured products are investment strategies that include a combination of financial derivatives and traditional assets, offering a controlled risk-return profile.

** On StructuringDesk, these investment strategies are meticulously crafted to meet client specifications. **

Structured products are generally composed by integrating a traditional investment, such as bonds, with derivatives to offer a customized risk-return profile to the investor.

The complexity of trading derivatives often acts as a barrier to entry for many investors. StructuringDesk simplifies this process, offering a platform where these products are easily created, with controlled risk, and without the concern of handling the intricacies of the underlying assets.

Each structured product on StructuringDesk includes:

  1. Principal amount: the USD amount an investor uses to purchase the product.
  2. Maturity date: the date on which the product matures and the investor receives their principal and any variable return.
  3. Variable return: the potential return on the principal, set as a percentage and agreed upon beforehand.

About Us

StructuringDesk is brought to you by Volatility Labs Inc., a Canadian 🍁 corporation with a presence in Vancouver BC and Edmonton, AB. Our expertise lies in financial engineering and technology to enhance user experience for professional portfolio managers and financial engineers.

We boast a team with decades of collective experience in both traditional finance and innovative startups, dedicated to delivering advanced financial solutions.

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