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Quick Start

On StructuringDesk, businesses can tailor, build, and engage with structured financial products aligned with their strategic goals through our intuitive web application.

To register your business account, please click here.

Once your account is active, click on Discover and follow the steps below.

Step 1: Select underlying asset

Choose an asset that aligns with your business's financial strategy. StructuringDesk currently supports a variety of assets including crypto-assets like Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH).

Step 2: Define your market view

Your market view is your business's forecast about the price direction of the chosen underlying asset. For instance, if your analysis predicts an increase in the price of Bitcoin, then your stance is bullish.


Other than bullish or bearish, the price movement of an asset can also be sideways when it fluctuates within a certain range (also known as crab market).

If your business's strategy can profit from both upward and downward movements of the underlying asset, then choose unsure.

Market Directions

When a business invests in an asset, it indicates a bullish stance, meaning there is an expectation for the price to rise. Traditionally, purchasing the asset is the primary means to gain exposure to its risk and return.

However, prices can also fall (bearish) or remain stable (sideways). Professional investors utilize strategies to capitalize on all market movements.

On StructuringDesk, each market direction corresponds to a market view:

DirectionMarket View on StructuringDesk
Not Up or DownSideways
Up or DownUnsure

Step 3: Select time period

The time period sets the duration for which your business's market view will apply, culminating on the maturity date of the structured product.

For example, your business could have a bullish view for one month or three months.

Step 4: (Optional) Specify price targets

Businesses can specify price targets for the underlying asset for the chosen time period.

For instance: If your analysis suggests that ETH will surpass $2,000 but remain below $3,000, you can set these as your price targets.

Setting precise price targets can enhance the maximum payout per dollar if these targets are reached.


If you're uncertain, choose Unsure (recommend a price). StructuringDesk's algorithms will then provide a product recommendation optimized for maximum return and the likelihood of hitting that target.

Step 5: Product recommendation

After steps 1-4, StructuringDesk's advanced structuring engine will process extensive market data to recommend a structured financial product that best suits your business's investment criteria.

For example, the suggested product card will detail attributes such as:

AttributeDescriptionExample's Value
Underlying AssetThe asset to which the product is indexed.Ethereum
Matures in 4 monthsThe maturity date of the product.April 4, 2023
Maximum APYThe annualized maximum potential return, accounting for compounding effects.29.76%
Maximum payout per $The highest potential return on investment for the specified period, without compounding.9%
Volume / Size AvailableThe total size of the product available for purchase.$403.32 thousand
Customizable SolutionsIndicates the level of customization available for the product to meet specific business needs.Fully Customizable

All data and attributes on StructuringDesk are updated in real-time, reflecting the latest market prices and liquidity conditions.

Next Steps

Feel free to repeat steps 1-5 to explore different structuring options for your business.

If you require assistance or have any questions, please contact us.